A number of previous editions of #HILJClub were hosted on other platforms while a longer term home was considered. For your convenience we have placed the last edition not hosted here on here.

3rd round – HILJ CPD Reading vol 35 no 3 – Localising and tailoring research evidence helps public health decision making – hosted by Lisa Burscheidt over on her blog. We accidentally did two articles from one issue but no harm!

2nd round – HILJ CPD reading Volume 35 No 3 – Developing a generic tool to routinely measure the impact of health libraries

The first attempt (HILJ CPD reading – V35 Issue 2 – Information literacy skills and training of licensed practical nurses in Alberta, Canada: results of a survey) took place on CILIP Social Link (Login to Cilip Social link then follow the link above! NB may not take you to the right place but did for me).