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About HILJ Club

Q? What is HILJClub?

HILJClub is an initiative aimed at encouraging engagement with articles published in HILJ (Health Information & Libraries Journal).  It can be a helpful nudge to a bit of CPD, something for a CILIP revalidation log or just to satisfy your curiosity.  You can read about it in our December 2019 HILJ Editorial.

Q? Who can participate?

Anyone who can access the selected article.  Some articles are Open Access and we are working with Wiley to make selected articles freely available for a time where possible.

All CILIP Health Libraries Group members have access to HILJ as part of their membership benefits (log in via:  https://www.cilip.org.uk/Login.aspx then navigate via the Groups link to the HLG pages then to publications and HILJ). 

Others may have the journal in their Wiley package.  

The more people who get involved the more useful the discussion will be.

Q? Do I have to read the article?

First rule of journal club etc etc

Q? Do I have to comment?

No – but greater participation makes for more interesting times. You can comment here on the site or tweet (include #hiljclub). You could write a response on your own blog and let people know here. Some teams have selected the current article for their journal club and then shared a flavour of their discussions. Ideas welcome!

Q? Can I host HILJClub in the future?

Absolutely – please do drop us a line if you want to host a future edition.  You get to choose the article and all you have to do is write an introductory blog post with your views. You can get a feel for this by looking at past editions. You are very welcome to also post it on your blog. 

The intention is to have an article out of each issue but no hard and fast rules if there is something super interesting.  Check out the ToC and get in touch.

We had been experimenting with HILJClub as a roving entity that could be hosted on any blog but are now moving into a period with a fixed home on this site.

Q? I have more questions!

Contact the team Alan Fricker, Morag Clarkson & Catherine Mclaren

Q? Who are the team?

We are a group of health librarians with an interest. Alan is on the Editorial Advisory Board of HILJ and after a few years of putting forward the idea decided to give it a whirl. Morag, Catherine were kind enough to join in. More people always welcome.

Other Hilj.Club team Alum – Catherine Jenkins

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